Why The Octopus

The extraordinary connection.

Wondering what an octopus has to do with IT support?  An eight-armed, dexterous, and almost alien-like cephalopod. It is among the most behaviorally diverse and brilliant of all invertebrates. The whip-smart, unfurling arms—yep, arms—can actually problem-solve and react to stimuli while the body is doing something completely different. Think multi-tasking on a whole new level. 

And lining those arms – sophisticated, organized suckers that can feel, move, grip, taste, form a seal, and manipulate independently from each other.  Their complexity and strength make them an engineering marvel.

With such tools as these, this kraken is masterfully clever—able to respond to every challenge in its path with fluid intelligence.  Imagine having this creature in your corner! 


Think about what an octopus symbolizes:  complexity, diversity, vision, intelligence, variability and insight. All are core attributes of what NWG Solutions promises to deliver you: a pledge of service that is completely unmatched in the IT arena. 

Our team of exceptionals possesses the nimbleness and ingenuity of this eight-armed enigma.  With complex problem-solving skills and an unflagging commitment to success, our collective moves nimbly through the sea of technology issues that businesses face today.  

Because your livelihood depends on your business—in what appears to be a shifting sea of ordinary IT service providers—you must be able to truly rely on your computer support provider. NWG SOLUTIONS… Experience it once and you’ll understand why we tag it profound.


As the only full-service IT provider in the Charlottesville area, we offer a complex set of tools to help ensure your networks, servers, and computers run efficiently, and the insight of full-system remote monitoring and access to provide a complete view of your business’s systems.  NWG is the only local IT company with a 24/7 engineer-dispatch hotline, one-hour response time for emergencies, HIPPA certification, and Microsoft Gold-Partner certifications, giving us the ability to deliver expertise quickly and efficiently.  You get our service whenever you need it—and our expertise to prevent disaster.