NWG Server/Network Installation & Support

Healthy tech keeps your business moving. But what if your server (or lack of one) slows you down?

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Server/Network Installation & Support

Your server is the heart of your business.

But hardware upgrades, new business critical applications, and warranty expirations can lead to poor cardiac performance–and your inability to access and protect EMRs, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics, and heavy files like art and CAD drawing.

Our Server/Network Installation & Support service is designed to get your tech live and your business up to speed.

We’re your one-stop shop for new equipment, hardware installation, and software updates to sync into your new network. If you need them, we’ll also recommend, deliver and connect workstations, desktops, laptops, tablets, wireless and hardwired devices, and IT support for your new technology.

You save time and headaches as we work directly with your vendors to integrate and upgrade your system. We’ll also recommend preventative measures to save you money down the road, like maintaining your server warranty so that if the hardware fails, our engineers resolve the issue faster and you avoid unnecessary downtime.

Whether you need to upgrade your outdated servers or purchase an entire technology system for your new practice, let us handle all your moving parts.

Give us a call, then sit back, relax, and move on with your day.