NWG Cybersecurity

MDR: Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide small to medium-sized businesses with a cutting-edge cloud platform, expert 24×7 support, and advanced AI technology to protect against cyber threats and insider risks.

Complements Existing Investments

No need to rip or replace existing technology or services that are already being leveraged. N-Able MDR will comple­ment those investments as we are vendor-agnostic and have a large list of integrations. Our service will be an exten­sion of your team and your customer’s team and will provide a deeper level of coverage with around-the-clock support.

Cloud-Native Platform with Machine Learning

Our cutting-edge cloud platform utilizes advanced machine-learning algorithms to detect cyber threats proactively, while automated remediation helps businesses stay one step ahead of attackers.

Expert 24×7 Support

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals provides around-the-clock insights, conducting thorough threat hunting and offering reliable support.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

With the power of AI, our solution rapidly identifies and prioritizes dealing with any abnormal behavior, offering real-time preventative action against potential threats.

One-Touch Compliance Reporting

Don’t get lost in regulatory compliance uncertainty. Our easy-to-access reporting tools deliver comprehensive snapshots and executive reports that simplify compliance.

Protection against Insider Threats

Using sophisticated AI, our MDR identifies and deals with risks associated with privilege abuse, account takeovers, and insider threats, thereby safeguarding critical business systems.

Intruder Detection Efficiency

Our MDR service detects malicious actors within your network and prevents them from accessing valuable data and systems. (Honeypot)

Darknet Exposure Monitoring

Darknet exposure monitoring is part of the MDR solution and detects compromised credentials before they can be used against your business.

Premier Command Center

We offer a 24/7 security command center that pre-emptively blocks advanced cyber threats, minimizes vulnerabilities, and caters to the security needs of businesses of all sizes.

Scalable solutions for Small the Medium-sized businesses with limited resources and budget for dedicated cybersecurity teams

Proven track record in protecting against complex cyber threats targeting smaller enterprises