NWG Critical Care

When you’re down, every second counts. How quickly can your IT get back online?

Contact us at

(434) 979-0555

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can resolve your
tech issues – fast.


With NWG, you’ll get back in business so fast your clients won’t miss a beat.

At night, on weekends, and on every major holiday, you’ll speak voice-to-voice with a technician in less than an hour and receive treatment soon after that.

We believe your most urgent problem is our most urgent problem, too.

Because you deserve the fastest, most thorough solution possible, we keep a Critical Care response team on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our engineers are ready to cure any IT issue, including:

  • Your Electronic Medical Record software is down in the middle of the night
  • Your Quickbooks software goes down–on a Sunday, during tax season
  • You’re on the road and can’t connect remotely to your office server
  • You receive an error message or the dreaded blue screen on your computer
  • You can’t print a key document for an impending meeting
  • You can’t send or receive email from your phone, tablet, or PDA
  • Your office network is out and you have no idea why
  • You discover a virus or spyware and need it removed STAT

Call us for a cure during the day and rest assured that a human will answer the phone.

After hours, our 365 Emergency Critical Care chain kicks into effect. Your voicemail will page our on-call technician, who will call you back within the hour.