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Remote Server Analysis+Preservation


NWG VITALSIGNS performs up-to-the-minute health checkups on your server, monitoring for inevitable breakdown signs that come with age.

If these checkups reveal any irregularities or suffering software, NWG VITALSIGNS sends alerts to our team of engineers in Charlottesville and Richmond who bring the issue to your attention.

In the first few months after installation, NWG VITALSIGNS typically records a bubble of activity as our expert technicians restore aging machines to perfect health.

Throughout the lifetime of your machine, NWG VITALSIGNS monitors your hardware and software so you can maintain both.

Why it matters

  • Staff productivity. Without a healthy server, you lose the performance of business critical applications like EMRs, Quickbooks, and Microsoft Dynamics. Users can also lose access to heavy files like art and CAD drawings.
  • Data security. When your server’s software falls out of date with Microsoft security patches it becomes vulnerable to cyber attacks in just 30 days. All of your data may be compromised and hackers can perch on your server to launch attacks on other people.
  • Your cost to serve. When your server’s hardware degrades it sends alerts of predicted failure. Without a monitoring system to catch these alerts, your hard drive can crash, costing you the salary and lost revenue of workday downtime (instead of an after hours fix).

How you’ll benefit

  • Save money with after hours support. Our full-time server engineers respond exclusively to predicted server failure alerts. We can update and replace hardware and software after work hours, when it won’t impact your business.
  • Lower IT bills with one monthly fee. NWG VITALSIGNS includes a number of remote administration services that normally eat away at your budget, like setting up IDs, resetting passwords, and disabling accounts of terminated employees.
  • The product pays for itself. We can’t guarantee your computer will never have problems, but we can guarantee that if NWG VITALSIGNS keeps you up to date you will avoid at least one trouble call and save on unanticipated hourly fees. In other words, NWG VITALSIGNS is so cost effective it’s free*.

*Try NWG VITALSIGNS and see for yourself.


Remote Server Analysis+Preservation


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